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Your needs
your needs

Improve the customer experience

Our teams have accumulated cross-channel know-how in several businesses, allowing us to have a global vision of best practices in customer relationship management.

This allows us to be advocates in the vision of your customer relationship, and to provide factual and measurable solutions that can propel your customer experience towards excellence.

Your needs


At Active Contact, we are aware that your growth and your brand image are highly correlated.

That’s why, from recruitment, we rely on employees who can evolve as ambassadors, sharing your vision of the customer relationship, and conveying your values.

We are aware that a satisfied customer is the best way to prescribe your brand.

Thus, we work to consolidate its positive engagement with your company.

your needs

Reduce your costs

A company improves its profitability by reducing its costs. The challenge is to reduce them, without altering the customer experience and its value.

Thanks to our call center in Tunisia, we benefit from production costs that allow us to offer very competitive rates compared to other offshore or near-shore destinations.

We invest in people, by recruiting qualified employees and by providing specialized job training. Our pole quality intervenes on all our delivered services.

Thus, thanks to a controlled quality / cost equation, our customers realize cost savings while improving the performance of their companies.