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Our externalized solutions


Since 2006, we have accumulated specialized experience in developing the commercial potential of our partners.
Our approach to carry out the various missions entrusted to us, is based on:

  • A competent, experienced and responsive team,
  • An ability to design complete solutions to suit different customer needs,
  • Intelligent analysis and decision-making tools,

We capitalize on all channels to create value, enrich the experience and transform opportunities into sales.
To achieve this, our teams are trained in the culture, values and understanding of the client’s offer.
They quickly master your needs and manage the operational aspects in the best conditions of quality and cost.

What we do :
UX optimization, pre-sales, sales, after-sales, lead generation, Active Contact accompanies you throughout your entire value chain!

Our externalized solutions

Customer service

“97% of consumers consider the quality of customer service as an important criterion in choosing a brand”.
The service is thus a real creator of wealth and value for companies.
Active Contact is committed to do everything possible to ensure that the customer service experience is exceptional and can stimulate recommendations.
We offer you customer advisers who immerse themselves in your values to become better ambassadors of your brand.

  • Provision of information
  • Call transfer
  • Treatment of suggestions
  • Sale of services
  • Tele-secretary
  • Message taking
  • Booking Management
  • Selling products
Our externalized solutions

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Your target is to maximize your performance by refocusing on your core business?
We offer you complete and tailor-made solutions, according to your own procedures.
Active Contact back-office pole allows you to further strengthen and optimize the processing of your flows.
This allows you to offload tasks with low added value, and entrust them to a provider, who will do so in an industrialized way, guaranteeing you an SLA.
We can efficiently conduct your business on time, quality, and complete processing.

  • Complete management of complex and simple processes
  • After-sales treatment
  • Order processing
  • Workflow Management
  • Optimization of customer databases
  • Management and optimization of customer data
Our externalized solutions

Omni-channel customer experience

The omnichannel approach is to assimilate customer needs and allow them to do so easily, regardless of the channel or medium chosen.

Our staff advice you and direct you on the choice of channels in order to simplify the customer journey and deploy the whole operationally. Our experts can assist you on type interactions: chat, SMS, Social Media, E-mail, …

You will also be able to identify opportunities to streamline the customer journey, to increase the comfort of your customers as well as your economic performance.

Our externalized solutions

Digital business

The digital age and new media technologies are influencing the behavior and expectations of consumers. Today they have become hyper-connected, interactive and more and more community-based.

It becomes crucial to digitlize the customer journey to meet their requirements.

To that end, we assist our clients in the design of their strategy and in the implementation of results-oriented digital actions
Social Medias, e-mailing, web-call-back, click-to-chat, click-to-call …

Our externalized solutions


We provide you with more than 12 years of expertise in survey management and customer satisfaction measurement.

You benefit from our advice in the design and targeting of questionnaires as well as our knowledge of the different channels: telephone, email, website …

  • Benchmarking study
  • Market study
  • Satisfaction studies
Our externalized solutions

Debt collection

At Active Contact, we follow a customer recovery process to secure your cash flows and reduce the impact on the financial balance while making sure not to break the link established with the customer.

  • Customer risk management
  • Digital recovery
  • Telephone overlay

Our approach is based on transparency, responsiveness, professionalism and result culture.

Our externalized solutions


Our “ IT and Digital” pole allows you to have a team of dedicated technicians or engineers recruited and trained according to your requirements. Refocus on your core business by offloading your IT support.

Strong of our DNA around the management of the multilingual support services since 2006, we have developed a nearshore outsourcing offer marked by a cultural proximity of the european market.

Perimeter of the proposed services:
Helpdesk and application support, NOC, SOC, development of customized business applications