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Created in 2006 by a team of customer relationship professionals, Active Contact has become an important provider of the offshore customer experience. The call center has two sites in Tunisia totaling 380 positions.

As a value-added contributor to the customer experience, we work on the entire customer value chain. We help you create a unique, consistent, differentiated customer experience that engages and transforms your customers into your brand ambassadors.

Becoming quickly recognized in the offshore call center market, Active Contact, outsourcing expert in Tunisia, develops complete solutions according to business standards for an optimization of your customer journey.

Specialized in nearshore outsourcing, we have developed a global multichannel offer that covers the entire life cycle of the client from the conception of the strategy, to the accompaniment of the customers through our call center in Tunisia

Beyond the simple customer satisfaction, our mission is built a base of ambassadors, to ensure a quality customer experience, leading to faster growth and fair cost.


Since our creation

We have benefited from continued organic growth, and we continue to benefit from it.

New site 2700 m² (320 positions)

RGPD compliance

CSR approach

Launch of the BtoC Insurance pole

Launch of the Back Office Pole

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification

Extension on a second site (100 positions)

30-position creation

“Our passion, your customers”

«This is our DNA, which we deploy at every moment of the life cycle of each customer interaction, far from the « upbeat » practices of the industrialized players in the customer relationship industry.

From this DNA arises our value proposition, which is expressed in operational excellence and personalized advice, by a permanent adaptation of our agile organization to the requirements of our customers, by the appropriate choices of tools of work, and especially by the valuation of our collaborators, your ambassadors, who make our difference.

Being a nearshore player on a human size, positioning ourselves as a recognized provider on the Mid-Market, adopting the best business practices and products, quality standards: it is with these objectives that we are constantly evolving our range of services.

Moreover, we give ourselves the means to realise our ambitions: we develop our social responsibility for the benefit of our collaborators and customers, our business know-how and by industry, our proximity to our customers and our difference.

Thanks to the trust of our customers and our employees that we will continue our development, which confirms our position as a recognized player in the market for nearshore contact centers, where agility and excellence are combined in symbiosis with cost control “.

Zied Ben Ali
Treasurer of the Tunisian National Chamber of Customer Relations


Unique know-how

Customer First

We are passionate about our customers, as well as our customers’ customers, to whom we are committed to take on the challenges that lead us to performance.


We assume our commitments to our customers as well as to our employees. This allows us to create a trust feeling, allowing us to build a lasting relationship of trust with our customers, employees and partners.
This is a key value that is reflected in our daily interactions

Operational excellence

We are looking for perfection in our business. Better still, we are convinced that we can always do better.


We are proactive and constantly listening to our customers. We propose pragmatic and adapted solutions to face their evolving challenges.
We degrease the superfluous in our mode of operation thanks to our “lean” approach.


Our approach to CSR

For Active Contact, being a responsible company is at the heart of the vocation of our businesses. Being a key player in the customer relationship, our mission is to offer the best experiences for our customers. By ensuring that we generate a positive long-term impact on the environment around us, by being supportive and attentive to the various stakeholders in our ecosystem.
To integrate sustainable development into our activities, we have our strategy around three pillars:


01.Social Policy

Promote a responsible social policy and encourage personal development to ensure the motivation and development of employees so that their experience in our company is a real success that helps to launch their career and improve it.



Contribute to the social development of our country. That is why we equip computer rooms every year in primary schools with few resources.
Active Contact nourishes the social link and brings to the greatest number of students the benefit.



Work every year on the optimization of energy consumption, water and the minimization of paper prints.


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