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The E-Commerce industry is engaged in a major transformation brought about by globalization.
Simultaneously connected on multiple channels, the customer becomes more and more demanding.

In addition, this industry continues to grow and to know profound changes, we bring our expertise that we have capitalized since 2006.

Our teams work on the entire life cycle of the customer and prospect, responding to their requests and optimizing their value (life time value).

Our multi-channel management combined with our multilingual know-how guarantees you a premium, consistent and differentiated customer experience whatever the country where you operate by customizing the service to your vision.



The Tourism industry is undergoing significant change with the arrival of digital platforms. Today, the panoply of actors are becoming more integrated in the chain, and boosting customer consumption. The customer has become connected to an offer of substitutable players: linking platforms, companies, comparators, sharing solutions …. Join each other in striving to make a difference through connected and agile services.

The end customer becomes solicited and demanding.

In this universe, we align business skills, through omni-channel tools, to transform customer / prospect interactions into an active customer portfolio.

Our advisors work on the entire customer lifecycle, from pre-sales advice to loyalty and management, to offer a faultless customer journey.



Since the launch of our business, we have been working closely with telecom operators on all BtoC customer value chains, from acquisition, to customer service in all aspects, and then extend the scope to the back office.

Today, we have a good knowledge of the business and its requirements regarding the “Churn” with the arrival of new players following the liberalization of this industry, and the appearance of new players (MVNO).

In this context, we have developed oriented  Bests Practices “Final customer satisfaction”, thus covering a very comprehensive outsourcing offer in B2C.



Since 2008, we have developed our know-how in the insurance business.
This allowed us to have a broad understanding of the issues facing the industry.
We provide quality service to your target, and distributors.

We place the client / patient at the center of our concerns. Our targeted actions thanks to our CRM business solutions make it possible to master the knowledge of the customer’s needs, and to increase their value through the actions of up-selling and cross-selling.



We work on a large part of the value chain of the business : telemarketing outgoing and incoming calls, up to the processing of inquiries for incoming calls, from the advice  to the subscription.

We were thus able to capitalize on this industry’s expertise. We have also experienced the major changes in this industry, mergers, acquisitions, removals and profound changes in offers.

Our experience and our working methods as well as our IT tools allow us to offer specific solutions to this industry.

Our teams master all processes and customer interfaces and back office, as well as pre-sales expertise.


BtoB services

In many countries, deregulation and privatization have already changed the data. In all cases, “Customer Centric“ CRM solutions have become both the key and the challenge of tomorrow.

We efficiently cover all service needs from the various distribution networks to the end customer.

We provide our customers with multi-channel, fully flexible solutions for customer contact, sales administration and back office activities.

We have significant experience in this field.


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